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Avseal® II

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Product Description

The Avdel Avseal® II sealing plug has been engineered for both high and low pressure hole sealing applications making Avdel’s new Avseal sealing plug unique. The rapidly installed two-piece sealing plug improves quality and safety in demanding applications while simplifying hole preparation and installation, reducing assembly costs. Available with an aluminium alloy sleeve and a steel stem. Avseal II can replace the current Avseal® plug in almost all existing applications.

Key features and benefits

  • Fully annealed sleeve – high sealing performance
  • Hole fill capacity – improved seal and wider hole tolerance
  • Larger hole tolerance – simplified hole alignment when automated placing is required
  • Seal by compression of the sleeve – improves sealing with great hole fill capability over a wider hole tolerance
  • Internal lock – flat nose tip and ease of use
  • Improved stem retention – increased vibration resistance
  • No locking ring formed by nose tip – standard equipment reduces preventative maintenance
  • Low force special version – can be used in thin wall applications
  • Tapered sleeve and stem – ease of entry into application and nose tips, suited to automated systems
  • Shorter placed length, blind side protrusion reduced – use in restricted space or thin wall
  • Can be easily modified – can suit specific applications
  • Ease of placing with standard tooling – quality of seal is not operator dependant