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Avtronic® Rivets

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Product Description

The Avdel Avtronic® Speed Fastening® system has been designed as an assembly solution for attaching connectors and components to PCBs. The Avtronic rivet has annular grooves along its body which expand radially during insertion. This provides a vibration resistant joint and good pull out resistance.

Key features and benefits

  • Annular grooves on the body expand radially during installation
  • Provide a vibration resistant joint, increased pull-out resistance and good residual clamp
  • Various body lengths provide a wide grip range to accommodate most combinations of connector and PC board thickness
  • Ideal tack rivet
  • Can be used in blind hole applications

  Avtronic – 1189 – Aluminium Dome Head

  Avtronic – 1188 – Brass Dome Head