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Hemlok® Structural Breakstem Rivets

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Product Description

The Avdel Hemlok rivet is a structural breakstem fastener with exceptional sheer and tensile strength and a large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet. Hemlok has a large neatly formed tail portion which spreads the clamp force across an extended bearing area, meaning both sheer and tension performance are impressive. Hemlok are the strongest of the blind fastener range. Available in a 6.4 diameter and manufactured in steel zinc plated or aluminium.

Key features and benefits

  • Exceptional shear and tensile strength
  • Large blind side bearing area against the rear sheet
  • Interference lock formed by a splined stem
  • Spreads the tail bearing/clamp load on the rear sheet
  • Ideal for thin sheet materials
  • Provides strong, vibration resistant joints
  • No damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems