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SHEETtracs® Screw

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Product Description

Reliable thin sheet metal joints

The reliable assembly of thin sheets with pilot holes has always presented a problem for removable joints. For sheets thicker than 1 mm it used to be possible to apply common sheet metal screws but an increasing reduction of sheet thickness, due to the cost saving potentials, prevents this today. EJOT now developed a secure solution for the process reliable assembly of pre-punched sheet metal joints with less 1,5 mm thickness, the self-tapping EJOT SHEETtracs® screw. This fastening element also supports the implementation of individual light weight desing strategies. For a example a reduction of the sheet thickness of casing walls of “white goods” became possible with the SHEETtracs® – an important factor for the weight and also cost optimisation of this product category.

  • High strength of the screw joint due to the formed draught
  • High vibration resistance
  • Simple and safe assembly due to good alignment and low installation torque
  • High stripping torque due to a robust female thread
  • Circular thread cross section for maximised thread engagement
  • Metric compatibility

  Ejot SHEEtracs