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Ejot® Boss Family

Product Description

Safe direct assembly of thin-walled components

From the multitude of potential fastening technologies direct assembly has proven to be the most effective regarding assembly and costs since no additional assembly elements are required. But this method reaches its limits with thin-walled components that do not allow for direct assembly due to minimal thread engagement. For these applications EJOT offer various special and standardised fastening solution.

In Combination with the DELTA PT® screw, the EJOT® “boss” family features optimal “plastic” boss clips which are subsequent and captive assembled snap-fit elements. Early involvement of the EJOT application engineers offers ideal possibilities for the customer to realise optimal and adapted fastening solutions, to be chosen from the variety of this product category.

  • High dynamic safety of the system in combination with the DELTA PT® Screw
  • No Corrosion
  • Easy and safe assembly
  • Consistent tightening torques
  • No catching of the parts
  • Recyclable

  Ejot Boss Family