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Bulb Tite

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Bulb-Tite rivets are designed for the roofing and cladding industry, when set the rivets form three legs that evenly distribute the load over the work piece making it ideal for soft, thin and even brittle materials. The Bulb-Tite rivets also work over a wide grip range and features a self-locking mandrel that gives the rivets outstanding water tightness. Available in aluminium, steel or Monel/stainless steel materials and in a variety of head styles including standard dome, large flange and countersunk, Bulb-Tite rivets can be fitted with a special Neoprene sealing ring which still enhances its weather tight characteristic.

  Gesipa – BulbTite – Aluminium-Aluminium

  Gesipa – BulbTite – Steel-Steel

  Gesipa – BulbTite – Monel-Stainless Steel