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Gesipa setting tools are the battery powered FireBird, AccuBird and PowerBird; pneumatic installation of rivets with the Taurus1 through to Taurus6, pneumatic installation of rivet nuts and nutserts with the FireFox, and hand rivet tools including the Flipper. Of particular note are the battery powered tools for use in environments where fixed services are unavailable.

Gesipa Placement Tools

Gesipa Firefox


Gesipa Firebird


Gesipa taurus tool


Gesipa ph_2000 tool

PH 2000

Gesipa ph_2 tool

PH 2

Gesipa ph_1 tool

PH 1-L

Gesipa sn2 tool


Gesipa ntx tool


Gesipa nts tool


Gesipa hn_2 tool

HN 2

Gesipa 7010036_flipper

Flipper hand tool

Gesipa powerbird


Battery Powered Rivet Tool