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Gesipa’s PolyGrip rivets is a multigrip rivet that works over a wider grip range than a standard rivet, to replace up to 3 conventional blind rivets. They are designed to expand radially during setting to help with the problem of irregular hole sizes, the mandrel heads are secured in place which gives the rivets an excellent splash water tightness and also prevents the mandrel heads from becoming loose and rattling after setting. PolyGrips are available in three head styles with Material choices including Aluminium/Steel, Steel/steel, Aluminium/Stainless Steel and A2-Stainless Steel.

  Gesipa – PolyGrip – Aluminium-Steel

  Gesipa – PolyGrip – Aluminium-Stainless Steel

  Gesipa – PolyGrip – Steel-Steel

  Gesipa – PolyGrip – A2 Stainless

  Gesipa – PolyGrip – A4 Stainless