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Founded in 1974, Roy Hopwood has extensive expertise in the industrial fastener market. Starting out as a stockist and distributor of industrial fasteners, today we’ve established excellent supplier partnerships with the world’s leading industrial fastener brands.

Since 1974, Avdel has been one of our preferred partners. Sharing the same goals and exacting standards, both Roy Hopwood and Avdel work together to ensure the service our customers receive is as exceptional as Avdel's products.

BBA Bulge Control Technology - BCT. A new innovation in blind rivet nuts. Providing high strength nutserts for composites and other light weight materials. Multi grip options are available to reduce inventory.

Dejond is a leading European manufacturer of blind rivet nuts. The Dejond Tubtara range is particulary appreciated for the stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 nutserts it provides. An innovative anti turn rivet nut (nutsert) is available, for use in more demanding applications.

The most recent product offering in the Hopwood portfolio, Ejot have been leading the manufacture of direct fixing products since 1922. Concentrating on Ejot Industrial Solutions rather than the Ejot Construction offering, we look forward to supplying from stock these innovative products, and showing our customers cost savings through application engineering excellence.

Gesipa has been at the forefront of the fastener industry since 1955, producing in excess of 3 billion rivets and nuts every year. Focused on delivering exceptional standards, and developing our range of fasteners solutions, and application tools – we’re pleased to have a long standing relationship with a partner who sees things just the way we do.

Roy Hopwood & Southco – fixing and fastening, since 1994. Working closely with Southco’s team, Roy Hopwood’s committed to providing dedicated support to Southco customers – regardless of their size. Propelling the industry forward, Roy Hopwood never loses sight of Southco’s ethos of exceptional customer service.


We’re fixed on the future

“We’re determined to keep growing our business, by maintaining our three core strengths… Continuing to not only distribute, but stock the products our market demands. Delivering exceptional levels of customer service, and providing application assistance, through robust engineer to engineer relationships.”

Bill Kelly – Director

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