The most recent product offering in the Hopwood portfolio, Ejot have been leading the manufacture of direct fixing products since 1922. Concentrating on Ejot Industrial Solutions rather than the Ejot Construction offering, we look forward to supplying from stock these innovative products, and showing our customers cost savings through application engineering excellence.

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EJOSYST® Synergy Products Made of Metal & Plastics

 Intensive cooperation with the customer from the problem all the way to assistance during series production Alignment of the functional

EJOFORM® Multi-Stage Cold Formed Parts

The EJOFORM® “Philosophy” As versatile as the range of possible applications for fastening technology, as versatile are the possibilities for the

Ejot® Boss Family

Safe direct assembly of thin-walled components From the multitude of potential fastening technologies direct assembly has proven to be the

Spiralform® Screw

Reliable steel joints EJOT Spiralform® screws are special fasteners for reliable and trouble-free metal joints, especially in steel and and stainless

FDS® Screw

High strength sheet metal joints Especially in the fast automotive industry, where the used components have to withstand high stress,

SHEETtracs® Screw

Reliable thin sheet metal joints The reliable assembly of thin sheets with pilot holes has always presented a problem for

Altacs® Plus Screw

“Specialist” for light metal EJOT ALtracs® Plus screws are thread-forming fasteners developed for maximum strength values in light alloy assemblies

Delta PT® Screws

“All-rounder” in plastic The EJOT DELTA PT® screw is a special fastening element for reliable and easy direct assembly into

Delta PT® DS Screws

“Specialist” for thermosets Alternative materials, that were not focused on by the fastening technology a few years ago, are now