Gesipa has been at the forefront of the fastener industry since 1955, producing in excess of 3 billion rivets and nuts every year. Focused on delivering exceptional standards, and developing our range of fasteners solutions, and application tools – we’re pleased to have a long standing relationship with a partner who sees things just the way we do.

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Most blind rivet nut setting tools on the market are stroke controlled, while only a handful are traction force controlled. GESIPA now offers both features together in a single, worldwide unique pneumatic-hydraulic tool and provides the user with the choice between both setting modes.


12V Battery Tool Working Range Up to M10 in Aluminium Up to M8 in Steel Up To M6 in Stainless


TAURUS Tool Working Range TAURUS 1 Sets blind rivets from 2.4 up to 3.2 mm Ø all materials and up

PH 2000

Features Integrated vacuum absorption and spent mandrel collection system Working Capacity: Up to 6,4 mm Ø in all materials

PH 2

Features Same as PH 1 with increased power Working Capacity: Up to 5mm Ø for all material ranges

PH 1-L

L version of PH-1 tool was introduced by Gesipa with reduced weight, mandrel Absorption System and over coated with plastic.


This tool is specially designed for hard-to-reach riveting places with advantageous lever arrangements. Recently Gesipa launched an improved SN2 with


NTX Features Intermediate lever system reduces power requirement and effects shock-absorption Steel inserts at all high stressed points Comfortable grips


Features Slim design of tool for access to difficult riveting places Opening spring for free mandrel ejection Comfortable grips Working

HN 2

Working Range: Up to 6,4 mm Ø all materials

Flipper Hand Tool

Features A reduction of 40% of the hand force is obtained by using more strokes. Action lever equipped with an

Tri Fold

Tri-fold rivets form three folded legs that distribute the fastener’s clamp-load over a larger blind side head formation. The larger

Bulb Tite

Bulb-Tite rivets are designed for the roofing and cladding industry, when set the rivets form three legs that evenly distribute

CAP Blind Rivets

A CAP-Rivet (Closed-end blind rivets) is used when there is a need for airtight or watertight situation. Because of the design


A high strength structural rivet with high shear & tensile values making this rivet suitable for vehicle body building, trailer