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Standard Open Type Rivets

The original pop rivet, the diversity in standard rivets developed over the years is enormous both in the metal alloys used as well as the head styles available: from copper or stainless dome head to aluminium with extra-large flange.

PLIA Multigrip Rivets

Masterfix PLIA consists of a varied range of Multigrip rivets, offering substantial technical advantages over standard blind rivets because of their special construction.

Closed End Rivets

Masterfix Closed end rivets have been specially developed to combine a strong fixing with a water- or air resistant sealing.

Standard Open Rivets for Special Applications

Rivets with special profiles and design features for use in non standard applications in materials such as wood, particle boards, plastics, composites and concrete.

Masterfix High Strength Rivets

Masterfix High strength (also called structural) rivets are especially designed for heavy applications, such as in the automotive industry and in the construction industry. In short, everywhere, where high loads are combined with a need for reliability.