Gesipa Centre of Excellence

GESIPA® is continuously strengthening its capabilities as
GESIPA GROUP CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for Blind Rivet Nuts and Nut Studs

GESIPA®has invested in its UK manufacturing facility over the years in order to achieve a strategy to centralise its production of threaded inserts and carry-out a gradual transition of the product range from catalogue parts to specialised products. Growth of the GESIPA® UK plant has been very evident in terms of bespoke Rivets Nuts and Nut Stud manufacturing. Today, around 430 special types of Rivet Nuts and 30 different varieties of Nut Studs are manufactured at the facility, this is to be further enhanced with the capabilities of new Rivet Nut machines which are now lined up in corporate blue and yellow colours and producing Rivet Nuts and Nut Studs from thread sizes M4 up to M10.

Manufacturing with variations such as hexagonal body – giving higher torque to turn, square body – to form a secure lock, profile body – giving a pivot point, wedge head – to provide higher torque to turn in softer materials and, large flange – providing larger load baring surfaces. There is always a possible variant available to fit specific customer application requirements. This is all achieved as a result of high efficiency and capacity of the Rivet Nut and Nut Stud facility in the UK which now produces approximately 12 million Rivet Nuts and Nut Studs per month. GESIPA® UK is well equipped to serve different industries supporting various applications across the globe.

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