Avdel placement tools are recognized as the most reliable, durable and robust equipment available. The 74200 nutsert tool is the engineers product of choice, as are the 753 and 7537 speed rivet tools. The Proset range of XT1, XT2, XT3 and XT4 tools set rivets and lockbolts with ease. The 722 handles lockbolts up to 9.6mm diameter.

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Avdel® ProSert® XTN20

This lightweight but powerful blind rivet nut tool has endurance, excellent ergonomics, and optimal flexibility. Dual operating mode technology ensures enhanced productivity, improving return on investment with the lowest installation cost per fastener.    

POP® ProSet PB2500 Rivet Tool

The ProSet 2500 is a cordless, battery-powered riveting tool designed for portability, durability, and easy maintenance. It offers many innovative high-performance features including a patented Quick Disconnect nose housing and jaw case for rapid cleaning and maintenance of the front end without the need for any tools.  

POP® ProSet® 3400 Series

The ProSet® PB3400 is a battery-powered tool for structural blind rivets. Offering excellent ergonomics, great strength and great added features, the PB3400 ensures high productivity and improves your return on investment with very low installation cost.    

ProSet® XT Range

Performance High force-to-weight ratio Quick disconnect nose housing and jaw case for easy maintenance and service Clear quick release mandrel

722 Series

The Avdel 722 tool is a heavy duty cast aluminium hydro pneumatic power tool capable of withstanding the toughest production

71255 Model

The Avdel Genesis® G2 LB (71255 model) is a lightweight tool for placing Avdelok® lockbolts 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm (3/16″

753 Tool

Avdel’s 753 tool is a high performance, hydro pneumatic hand tool in heavy duty plastic, designed for rapid, blind side

7537 Tool

Avdel’s 7537 tool is a lightweight yet tough and durable hydraulic hand tool to fit the standard range of Avdel

74200 Tool

The Avdel 74200 model is a lightweight ergonomic tool for placement of a wide range of threaded inserts. It features

74290 Hex Forming Tool

The hex forming tool is designed to allow a drilled or punched hole in suitable material to be broached into a hex form allowing for the use of hex bodied rivet nuts.

Prosert XTN20 Rivet Nut Tool

High speed blind rivet nut tool with flexible pull-to-stroke & pull-to-force setting The new Prosert XTN20 is a highly durable super lightweight rivet nut tool with fast cycle times, excellent ergonomics and great flexibility