Avdel speed fasteners include Briv, Avsert, Rivscrew, Neospeed, Grovit, Double Flush Chobert, Avtronic and Avlug. This clever continual riveting system is ideally suited to medium and high volume applications. Our applications engineers can demonstrate at your facility UK wide.

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NeoSpeed® Rivets

Speed fasteners with a unique splined rivet design combining high clamp throughout a wide grip range. This newly developed fastening

Briv® Rivets

The Avdel Briv® Speed Fastening® System have a bulbed tail providing consistent high clamp and shear, making it ideal for

Chobert® Rivets

The Avdel Chobert® speed fastener has been an important part of Avdel since the 1930’s when it was used in

Double Flush Chobert®

The Double Flush Chobert® rivet is a Speed Fastening® rivet with countersunk head for use in exceptionally thin sheet materials.


The Avdel Rivscrew® Speed Fastening® system is a threaded, removable speed fastener that combines the speed of rivet placement with


The Avdel Grovit® Speed Fastening® system has been used since the sixties and has been continually developed by Avdel for

Avtronic® Rivets

The Avdel Avtronic® Speed Fastening® system has been designed as an assembly solution for attaching connectors and components to PCBs.


The Avdel Avlug® Speed Fastening® system is an easy to solder post designed for use in terminals and for wire


The Avdel Avsert® is a threaded stand-off pillar for PCBs. The internal threads allows for a threaded part to be