Southco E5 – Cam Latches

These latches deliver affordable simplicity – including quick access with just a quarter turn, the versatility of multiple body materials, plus the flexibility of modular design for numerous actuation and dimensional options. Ramped cams provide a snug fit to minimize vibration and rattles.

Product Features and Benefits

Straightforward design provides simple installation with a single hole and single mounting nut. Assembled latches simplify and speed installation in applications where grip exceeds panel thickness by 4 mm (.16″). For unassembled latches, cam mounts on end of drive stud with a single screw.

  • Numerous head styles provide a wide range of access management security
  • Ramping action on rotating cam styles provides about 2 mm (.08″) of compression on closing, while numerous offset options satisfy a wide range of grip dimensions
  • Push-to-close cam style rotates freely from the “closed” position as it contacts the frame or keeper; an integral spring pushes cam back into the engaged position once cam clears the keeper
  • Latched/unlatched status indicator provides user with quick visual confirmation of latch status
  • Designer Series offers sleek tapered head styles with a lower profile
  • Expanded Industrial Series offers more formats, environmental sealing, and spring-loaded bodies for better grip tolerance and vibration resistance

Available Options

  • Latch actuation available with choice of clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Available with multiple options of manually actuated, tool-actuated, or keylocking designs
  • Push-to-close styles available for single point and two-point latching configurations
  • Most styles available in a variety of metallic, black and custom-color finishes
  • Designer Series offers optional O-rings/sealing washers to provide environmental sealing
  • Industrial Series includes die-cast, stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon constructions
  • Friction cams available in 35 mm (1.38″) or 45 mm (1.77″) lengths; hook cams available to suit different frame configurations

Standards and Specifications

  • Maximum static working loads on rotating cams vary by latch style, up to a maximum of 670 N (150 lbs.)
  • Maximum static working load on push-to-close styles is 330 N (74 lbf)

Industry Applications

  • Bus, Coach & RV
  • Enclosure Companies
  • HVAC – Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Self Service Point of Sale