BBA Bulge Control Technology data sheets

Roy Hopwood Fasteners have developed some useful data sheets for their BBA range of blind rivet nuts which incorporate BCT – Bulge Control Technology.

BCT is a new construction of Rivet Nuts. Four cross holes on the shank control where the bulge starts forming. The Controlled Bulge insures optimal fitting even into holes not perfectly round or irregular or oversized. Because the collapse can be controlled, these blind rivet nuts are particularly suitable for composite materials.The position of these cross holes and the dimensions of the product provide different types of BCT Rivet Nuts.

BBA BCT Multi Grip.
This version gives a grip range of almost three times a Standard Rivet Nuts.
One Rivet Nut is able to cover different grip ranges, typically from 0.5mm up to 6mm. They are ideal for applications in thin materials, as well as brittle and soft materials like plastic and rubber composites. The inventory reduction possibilities are obvious to production and value engineers; a single part number could replace several in current use.

BBA BCT High Strength.
Special material and heat treatment produce a very strong thread, and still the bulge is forming perfectly because of the cross holes. High Tensile BCT can be used for bolts of metric class 12.9 and above without damaging it’s thread.

BBA BCT Short.
the total length of this BCT is substantially reduced to go into applications where the back of the material space is limited, or there is other restricted access. Still this BCT product has a high quality thread according to bolt metric class 8.8 / 10.9.

Finally, there is a useful rivet nut selector tool available by following this link, just find your product and we will do the rest to help you.

For more information on this exciting range of blind rivet nuts, just follow the links under the BBA section of this site.