Stainless Rivet Nuts From Stock

Here at Roy Hopwood Fasteners, we have seen an increasing demand for stainless rivet nuts. As the UK manufacturing landscape appears to move towards a more differentiated offer. In order to compete with low cost manufacture around the globe, the use of specialist materials and construction methods has accelerated. A steadily growing demand for 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel nutserts was witnessed during the closing stages of 2013.

Working closely with our manufacturing partners Dejond, we are now pleased to announce a stock of 304 stainless blind rivet nuts, and an increasing inventory of 316 stainless products. The range covers M4 to M10 threads and includes thin sheet (low profile), countersunk, and flat head options; as well as both closed and open ended products.

The investment in this stock is a reflection of the demand for products being available with little or no lead time, and we look forward to supplying both new and existing customers with this high quality, European manufactured product line.